• Introduction
The nantwich-supper-club invites you to dine out informally. 4 seasonal menus are served at appropriate times during the year, each with 2 servings.  At least 20 dishes are served in each menu and you are encouraged to try them all. Diners are free to participate as much or as little as they wish in helping to serve the meal.

  • n-s-c Review 2011-19
The n-s-c Review 2011-19 which collates statistics and comments from the Evaluation Sheets completed by diners gives a fairly good picture of what you might expect at an n-s-c evening.  It can be found as the first attachment on the REVIEWS page (01 - 2011-19 Review).  There are 3 sections:
  • Statistics - a mainly factual outline of diners, menus and evaluations
  • Commentary - main themes identified in comments from n-s-c diners
  • Information - cost, accommodation, contact details

  • Information and enquiries
Please get in touch if you need further information.  You can also join the mailing list to receive n-s-c news and information.
It would also be interesting to hear your comments and suggestions.