I have always enjoyed cooking - and I like the challenge of feeding lots of people. Since retiring, I've had the time to try out new recipes and expand what I can do. During meals, I've noticed how often people ask what ingredients are in the dish they're eating, and the interest they show in how it's made and whether they could make it themselves. The idea behind the nantwich-supper-club is to offer an informal setting where people are encouraged to be curious about cooking and eating, as well as to provide food which will inspire such curiosity. I don't anticipate that diners will talk ferociously about food all the time but the subject is likely to be a common interest amongst those who come to meals.

I lived in this area for the first twenty years of my life. Since returning a few years ago, I have spent the time putting another storey on my bungalow, extending the kitchen to three times its size, making a vegetable garden and adding a large conservatory. Without being at all conscious of it at the time, I was developing the ideal venue for the n-s-c.