• Food
Dishes will rely mainly on produce in season. Ingredients will be sourced locally wherever possible. Some of them will come from the vegetable plot.

At least 20 dishes will be prepared for each meal and diners are encouraged to try them all.

Recipes will be available for those interested in trying out dishes at home.

  • Drink
Diners are asked to bring their own wine or other drinks if they wish. Soft drinks only will be provided with the meal.

  • Expectations
One of the features that has developed very strongly over the 56 meals so far is the practice of diners helping with the many tasks that need to be carried out during the evening.  The list grows all the time and currently includes: serving drinks, carving, assembling salads, clearing away, lighting candles, opening/closing windows, transferring food to hotplate, garnishing, watching the ice-cream churn etc.  

Many diners have said how much they enjoy this aspect of the evening and like the fact that it's not a 'restaurant experience'.  One of the benefits of this way of working is that so many of the dishes can be brought freshly to the table.  There is no expectation that you must take part - but you are very welcome to join in if you wish.

For the meal, please feel free to dress as you wish and don't be embarrassed about bringing an apron if you want to get involved in the kitchen.

Diners will be invited to comment on their experience at the end of the evening and a summary of their comments will be sent to them soon afterwards. All suggestions for future events are welcome.